I'm Nicolas Prouvost and I am a creative and passionate 33 years old UX/UI designer. I am currently working at DECATHLON for a project called DECATHLON COACH.

I am a technologist enthusiast, a maker, a curious mind, someone who loves experiencing new stuffs.

My goal is to create fluid and memorable experiences, simple and emotional. I have a real thirst of learning new methodologies, and take time to keep my skills up-to-date and experiencing lot of things.

Here you can discover pieces of my work as well as my methodology. You can also find me on Linked in or download my resume.


I love my job, but also many other things such as

  • skateboarding: concrete bowls lover, founder of a spotsdeskate.fr website for searching and sharing skate spots

  • surfing and skimboarding: I am fascinated by the sea!

  • discovering new places and people: ever been to New-Zealand, Australia, Europe, China, Taiwan, and can't wait to discover other places, world is big!

  • chocolate: black, white, milky, with hazelnuts, without, everything !

  • photography: instant, digital, virtual tours 360x180°

  • music: self taught guitarist and bathroom singer ;)

  • gardening: co-founder of a corporate gardening project in my company (vegetable patches), I also grow my own vegetables with my wife (100 square meters vegetables garden)

  • and of course having good time with friends around a good beer !