Context : Decathlon International

Year : 2017 - now (Work in progress, release foreseen by the end of the year)

My role : Responsible for the design of Decathlon Coach V2 APP. UX and UI : user research with the product manager resulting in personas, UX maps, creation of user flow, wireframes, interactive mock ups, user testing, main part of the end graphics, design specifications for developers.

Team members : William Sutter & Pierre Lubin - Product managers, Guillaume Gustin - Engineer responsible for the developments of the app, Charles Ansenss - engineer responsible for the developments of the website and the infrastructure, Julien Robidet - iOS lead dev, Loïc Depret - Engineer in charge of DCM the tool to build coaching programs, Diane Garreau - dialogue leader, Jerome Lacoste - team leader, Camille Boutaert - Communication, Vincent Ducorney - Sales director, Elise Martinet - UI designer.

Description : Decathlon Coach application aims to make sport accessible to many by helping people reach their objectives and stay fit and healthy thanks to coaching programs and advice for multiple sports.

The version 1 of the app is becoming quite old in terms of code and the UX is not really adapted anymore to what we want to propose to our users : the app passed from a tracking app to a coaching app. For all these reasons we decided to re-make totally the app in 2017.

It’s been a very exciting challenge for me to re-think the experience and the UI of the app. The goals or the design rework are :

  • Propose users coaching contents adapted to their sport thanks to a great home screen giving user personalized suggestions

  • Give coaching a bigger place in the app

  • Simplify the navigation

  • Give a fresh Decathlon look and feel

  • Fix many usability small pain points

  • Improve coaching experience

  • Prepare the app for more sports and more contents - build for the future

    Insert in the code all UX and analytics tools for a better understanding of how users really use the app

To achieve that, I’ve been working hard, starting with user research with the product manager to define personas, UX maps, user stories… Then I gave life to the concept with an interactive mockup that we tested with end users (2 batches of qualitative testing with improvements along the way).

I also made quantitative tests to refine the design.

Today the app is not far from going to beta testing :) It’s been a long and windy way but we’re confident with this new version and can’t wait it to be released! We still listen a lot to all feedbacks to refine and refine again the experience. Interested in early testing the V2 of the app? Contact me!