Context : Decathlon - learning React and Redux training

Year : 2018

My role : Concept, stakeholders interviews and wireframing with the team, UI design, part of JS programing, main part of CSS, team presentation in front of nearly 50 people.

(Dream)Team members : Rémi Deliance, Julien Litler, Damien Desprez, help from Fewlines (bigup Fenn)

Description : At the end of an intensive 3 months training learning React and Redux I had the chance to follow at Decathlon, we had to develop a project in teams. I created a team around the ‘digital locker’ project. The idea is to make a link between sport activities and sport equipments to allow sportsmen to get stats about their equipment, and Decathlon product creators to get use stats about the gears they create. With the team we had less than 2 weeks to create an interactive mock up in React / Redux from scratch, in a pure “hackathon” state of mind. This project is far from being finished (technically / design side) but it shows a capacity of quickly imagine, sketch, design and start coding… Even with a very short timing, the team and I have managed to have a design process with the creation of proto personas, wireframes, and the interview of two product managers to get their needs and reactions.