Geonaute 360 action cam

Context : Geonaute in partnership with Giroptics company

Year : 2012-2013

My role : UX and research : competitors analysis, personas, use cases //  Interaction design for the camera and the remote : LCD drawing, keyflow and specifications, creation of an interactive flash mockup for user testing, dev following and debug. Analysis and preliminary work for defining the service offer : surveys, competitors analysis, zoning and low def wireframing.

Team members : Clémence DEBAIG - design brand manager, Bruno LEGRAS - Product engineer and project leader, Constant MELCHIOR - Product designer for camcorder and remote (special thanks for the 3D renders pics :), Justin SCHNELLER - Product manager, Christophe DUPUIS - Engineer, Philippe GARDINER - e-commerce, Guillaume EPIS - After sales and quality, Sarah BYRD - web communication, Marian LECALVEZ - communication

Description : Geonaute 360 is the first 360° action cam. Innovative and fun. Film what you see... And even more ! You will never ever miss any action, thanks to 3 "eyes" capturing nearly the full sphere all around. No worries, be sure that every interesting action will be shot ! Resistant and compact, this is the perfect action sport cam. Once back home, you can relive your best memories enjoying a "revolutionary" interactive watching experience on PC, smartphone or tablet. Geonaute 360 cam was exhibited at France Design exhibition in Milan in April 2014 and also won the "best innovation 2014" award at Las Vegas CES.